Friday, November 14, 2014

Bumpdate! and Doctors appointment.

     So Yesterday I had a doctors appointment it was just a regular check up, to make sure that everything is still going ok.

     They did all the normal stuff. Checking weight, Blood pressure, Measuring the belly, going over what is going on. BUT we also got an ultrasound! We got a little peak into what Belly buddy looks at 12 weeks 4 days!

     This little buddy was moving around like crazy and liked making it hard for the doctor to get the measurements that he needed. He or she is already being stubborn S+J looks like you too might have your hands full with this little one! 

     Now for the bump date. For those of you that have seen me I know my stomach probably looks smaller than last time you saw me BUT that is because I was FINALLY able to stop the shots and 90% of the medication I was taking (still on my prescription prenatal and Zofran). The medications I was on cause what we call Med Bloat. Well now that is all gone so it is just my fluffy self and Belly buddy in that belly! 
     So we are past the 12 week mark! As of next week I am officially in the 2nd trimester! Lets just hope that belly buddy gets that memo and gives me a break on all this nausea! 

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