Friday, January 23, 2015

22 week update

     I am still slowly getting better! This week I was even able to go out to lunch with a friend, it satisfied a craving I have been having for over a month! Cheesecake Factory ranch why do you taste so good? 
     My belly has very much popped I am in maternity pants (or yoga pants and leggings) 100% of the time. I can still wear some of my pre pregnancy shirts but I am being careful to make sure I don't strech them out. Also 90% of the time I just wear a maternity shirt. I am however having a hard time finding maternity tank tops I like so if you have any suggestions let me know! 
     Little belly buddy is so active he moves around constantly and is he is not happy with how I am sitting or laying he makes sure to let me know! He has been passing every single kick count with flying colors! We haven't even got to 30 minutes while waiting for kicks! 

      You see that^^^ my belly is finally growing and growing! My husband told me the other day wow you actually look pregnant. I am excited to finally have a noticeable belly! On the other hand I did have my first stranger touching the belly experience. Don't get in my bubble without asking. Chances all I won't tell you not to touch, just give me the chance to decide if you are creepy or not lol! 
      The parents are in the middle of doing all their paper work so they can bring this little boy home with them! So much legal aspects when it comes to surrogacy. They are also starting to set the coming for the birth plans! It is a little crazy to think that this little one is over half way done cooking. We are also almost at viability! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

21 weeks and counting...

     So now I am in my 21st week of pregnancy and that means the start of my 6th month. Time is just flying by. 
     This little one is growing and kicking every single day! He seems to be having a dance party everytime I try to go to bed. 
     I am still having bad days, in fact I spent most of yesterday in bed and got 100% of nothing done. But most days I am ok. Still dealing with nausea but it slowly getting better. 
     I am tired all the time. Feeling a bit left out of the 2nd trimester boost of energy. I have been taking advantage of Emma still taking naps and have been joining in on nap time. 
     I had to go out and get new maternity clothes all of the pants I bought in the beginning are swimming on me now. But it feels amazing to have pants that fit again. Plus I don't have to do the hair tie trick anymore so that is a plus. 
     No new stretch marks but to be honest I don't think there is room for any new ones lol.   
     I do have a little bit of a belly now. At 21 (almost 22) weeks I am still in the is she pregnant or is she fat stage. I have to admit I am so looking forward to having the big belly! Not so much strangers touching my belly though. 
      Have you ever had strangers touch your belly? I had a lady try to lift up my shirt in the middle of the store once.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Half way done!

     Here is the 20 week update! The last week has been pretty exciting finding out that belly buddy is a boy! So I finally get to carry a boy! With this being my last pregnancy it was kinda interesting to see how different carrying a boy is.

     We are officially 20 weeks pregnant! Time has gone so slow but flown by so fast. I can hardly believe that in just 20 or so weeks S&J will be welcoming their baby boy into this world. 
     Finally I am have a little bit of a belly! I may or may not be helping my belly look a little bigger by taking this picture after dinner... 

Friday, January 2, 2015

It's a....

     This baby is a feisty one! Belly Buddy didn't want to show us what we needed to see so I got to flip every sort of way, and belly buddy even flipped us off before we got all the pictures we needed.

     After an hour of flipping this side to that side we got all the angles we needed AND we found out.... 

     Yep S&J are going to have a baby boy! 

     Congrats S&J I can not wait until you get to meet your little boy!!!