My belly is finally coming back!

 WOW I lost a lot of weight...
 Yep sometimes I take pictures in public bathrooms...
More public Bathroom pictures 
(and I really like my black shirts huh)

Belly Buddy looks like a baby!

Look at that bump already! I have a good bump already!

My Belly Buddy is half a inch long!

Look at that baby! That is one beautiful Belly Buddy!

Yep that is Belly Buddies healthy heartbeat! 
S+J have a amazing healthy 7 week baby!

Belly Buddy is as big as a Sweet Pea! 

Yep that's right I am pregnant!
A few pictures from transfer day

Had our first (and only) lining check and everything was perfect!

Wow I better get used to these HUGE needles...

Just a normal night in the Enriquez household. 

Last Birth Control Pill DONE August 1st, 2014

And The Medications are HERE! 

Fingerprints for the Criminal Background check

Blood Draw #1 15 vials taken

Here are my Lucky Transfer socks!

Here is a picture of my family!


  1. Love the socks! Maybe I should find me some :)

    1. I found mine at Walmart around St. Patricks day, But I know a lot of Surros who get theirs from amazon.