Sunday, January 11, 2015

21 weeks and counting...

     So now I am in my 21st week of pregnancy and that means the start of my 6th month. Time is just flying by. 
     This little one is growing and kicking every single day! He seems to be having a dance party everytime I try to go to bed. 
     I am still having bad days, in fact I spent most of yesterday in bed and got 100% of nothing done. But most days I am ok. Still dealing with nausea but it slowly getting better. 
     I am tired all the time. Feeling a bit left out of the 2nd trimester boost of energy. I have been taking advantage of Emma still taking naps and have been joining in on nap time. 
     I had to go out and get new maternity clothes all of the pants I bought in the beginning are swimming on me now. But it feels amazing to have pants that fit again. Plus I don't have to do the hair tie trick anymore so that is a plus. 
     No new stretch marks but to be honest I don't think there is room for any new ones lol.   
     I do have a little bit of a belly now. At 21 (almost 22) weeks I am still in the is she pregnant or is she fat stage. I have to admit I am so looking forward to having the big belly! Not so much strangers touching my belly though. 
      Have you ever had strangers touch your belly? I had a lady try to lift up my shirt in the middle of the store once.

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