Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Why I stopped posting

     As you noticed I stopped posting updates about the surrogacy. Hyperemisis returned and I had a hard time mentally being able to post and stay positive.

     I did not tell anyone but I struggled with Prenatal Depression. Being so sick was very hard on me and my whole family. I felt as I was a failure. I signed up for the surrogacy, and I was having a very hard time even being able to be a mother to my two beautiful little girls.

     I cried a lot and resented the beautiful little boy I was growing. Therapy was so critical to me being able to finally being able to be in a good place at the delivery. (I will post my birth story on another post dont worry)

     I promise to post and update anyone who has been following on how the surrogacy finished!


  1. I stumbled upon the beginning of your story & I look forward to hearing how it ended.

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