Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My "Perfect" uterus

     Today we had the SIS (AKA Sonohysterogram or Saline Ultrasound) at ORM. It was a odd experience to say the least.
     The actual procedure did not last long at all they put a catheter through my cervix and filled my uterus with saline while using a internal ultrasound to make sure that there was nothing abnormal in my uterus.
     Everything went as planned and I was told I have a "Perfect Uterus"
     I do have to go back next week for two more tests plus I have to make an appointment to get my blood work done, and the husband and I still have to do our Psych Evaluations.

     All of that should be done within the next week or so though! We are moving forward at full speed! Lots of updates to come!


  1. Totally weird to get your uterus complemented right?!?!

    1. It was pretty strange but I think I was just excited that it went well and we have one more thing done!