Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lots of Blood vials...

FYI this happened in June I slacked very badly with Blog posts but I am planning on making that up now. 

     I went into the doctor my pre surrogacy Physical and blood work. I did not know how much blood to expect to be taken. I was assuming about 8 but boy was I wrong.

     I went to the lab and I sat down. The man taking my blood asked me what I did to make the doctor so mad, then started pulling vial after vial.... THIS is what I end up seeing before he pokes me with a needle...

     If you don't want to count I will save you the trouble that is 15 blood vials, and yes all 15 were filled with my blood... If you don't believe I will attach a picture of my MANY filled blood vials. 

     After this I didn't even bruise (I normally bruise very bad after getting blood taken), My husband joked it was because I didn't have any blood left.

 How many vials of blood have you had taken at one time?

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