Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paperwork Check!

     We seemed to have problem after problem getting the surrogacy paperwork ready to go.
     The first set of paperwork I filled out I sent through the mail and just my luck it never made it to the clinic.... Thanks USPS.
     The second set I was going to scan and Email to the clinic that way we didn't have to worry about them getting lost in the mail again. But my scanner/printer died....
     So we ordered a new scanner/printer and were just waiting for it to get here, when the snow storm hit. My pretty new scanner was still not here...
     Finally we got the printer and everything was going perfect, but me being the super smart lady I am could not figure out how to get the printer to scan to my computer... I could make a copy like no ones business but scan to my computer just was not working for me... FINALLY after way too much time I got my scanner to work the way I wanted it to. It was a lot easier than I was making it to be.
     So I get it all scanned and send it in and my ink didn't show up clear enough in the scans, So I had to go through all the paperwork and write over it in black ink. Then scan it all over again. At least scanning it this time took a lot less time because I knew what I was doing.
     BUT paper work is finally in and 100% accepted it all looks good! Now we are just waiting for the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) to get and go over my medical records and we will hopefully be ready to go!

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