Friday, February 28, 2014

Hurry up and wait...

   Hurry up and wait seems to be the big theme with Surrogacy. I officially got all of my paperwork in one week ago today and I am still waiting to hear back.
     I have a doctors appointment Tuesday to get on the birth control pill that is part of the clinics protocol. I know it sounds silly you are trying to get pregnant why would you get on birth control. Surrogacy has a whole lot of complicated processes going on so I will not even pretend to know what is going on.
      I seem to be seeing so many more pregnant women now though. It is like when you are waiting to get pregnant you notice them everywhere! It sure doesn't help that my little sister and about 50 other people I am close to (ok like 3) are all pregnant. I am going crazy waiting! I can not wait to give this couple the baby they have been dreaming about!

     So what is going on in my life right now? I am planning my little sisters baby shower (so not helping with making wait in the surrogacy any easier)! I am excited that I have a niece coming this May. The baby shower is tomorrow (Saturday) so I have been very busy cutting out cute little monkeys and wrapping baby shower prizes. I have been dealing with so much hot pink and lime green "Mod Monkey" stuff I think I could do this in my sleep at this point. It has been fun though and I can not wait to see the look on my sisters face when she sees it all come together! I will make sure to come back and share pictures of everything once it all comes together!

    Have you even been in a Hurry up and wait situation? What did you do to keep yourself from going crazy from the anticipation?

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