Sunday, March 16, 2014


     There are a LOT of Surrogacy "Superstitions" or "old wives tales" I figured it they would be kinda fun to do. I also figured that if doing them puts me in a better more positive state of mind that can only be a plus right? So I have been researching a few of them and here are a few I have found.
     The first of them I have gotten is Green transfer socks. Why green socks? I dont know, I just was told green socks are lucky for transfer so I got green socks to wear to my Embryo transfer whenever that might be! If you are a surro looking for green socks get them now! With St. Patricks Day tomorrow you can find a ton of cute green socks!
     They also say to wear Yellow, I have not figured out what I am going to be doing for my Yellow yet but I actually have a pretty good amount of yellow in my closet already so that should not be a problem.
     The other superstitions are mostly easing different foods before or after transfer. On of the ones I hear most is eating pineapple (fresh, the and flesh the core of the pineapple) for 3 days before transfer and after transfer McDonalds french fries... I have also heard about eating Yams too... Looks like before and after transfer I am going to have a pretty odd diet.
     Not as much of a Wives Tale or a Superstition but I will also be getting acupuncture before the transfer (to help increase Blood flow to the uterus).
     Have you heard of any Surrogacy superstitions? If yes please share!

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