Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Preparing for surrogacy

     I have been doing as much as possible to make sure I am ready for the surrogacy. I want to make sure the baby/babies have the best possible chance of sticking, and I have the easiest time trying to get through all the shots.
     I have cut back to almost no caffeine. The only time I have any caffeine is the occasional Dutch Freeze. Some times Dutch bros is just too darn tempting... I have however cut down to no soda at all. I figured it is best for the baby if it is not in my system and it is best for me if I stop drinking caffeine slowly instead of going cold turkey, so now I am caffeine free!
 So what do i drink then? I mostly drink water with lemon, or berries. I also LOVE lemon cucumber water but every time I drink it I end up with a crazy craving for subway.  In the research I have found if you end up pregnant with twins(Yes this is a very real possibility) you have to really up your water intake, I am upping it so that way I am prepared and one less of an adjustment to make in the future.
     I also do not drink any Alcohol! This was not hard for me to do what so ever. I don't drink other than socially. I can count on one hand how many times I have drank in the last 6 months, each of those times only being one drink, two at most. I know this is not necessary yet but it makes me feel better knowing that I am just that little bit healthier.
     I am taking my prenatal vitamins I keep them in my purse so no matter where I am I take them with my lunch. Right now I am taking Bayer's one a day prenatal and DHA. I am excited to say that I won a 30 day supply of the Premama prenatal vitamin I have been wanting to try. It is a pretty awesome idea it is a powder you mix in with your drink instead of having to swallow a pill! I am pretty excited to try them! I will update the This post after I get the vitamins in the mail and try them out!
     I am also eating more protein and I have been upping my Iron. I usually eat a LOT of chicken I prefer chicken over  red meat any day. Red meat however has more Iron so I have been sucking it up and choosing beef, ham and pork over chicken. I am also adding spinach to just about EVERYTHING.
     I am also putting together a "Surrogate survival kit" I have two of the Thera Pearl Sports packs I will keep one in the freezer to ice before shots then one by the microwave to heat after the shots. I have heard in my surrogacy groups that icing before and heating after can be the difference between being just slightly uncomfortable and feeling like you can't bend over. So I knew these would come in VERY handy! I also will use them later in pregnancy when I have the back pain that always comes along with pregnancy.
     I found and bought some fun band aids too! I figured if I am going to be giving myself hundreds of shots in my stomach and lower back I should at least have some fun band aids to help me forget I am sticking needles in my self over and over again. We will see how much help the band aids are when we actually start the medication.
     I found an old over the door shoe organizer to use to organize my medications. I want to make sure that everything is 100% organized so I do not miss a shot. pill or patch.
     Lots of pregnancy movies I got them all! What to expect when you're expecting, The back up plan, Waitress, Knocked up, Baby mama, Juno and many more! I also stocked up on some good chick flicks! I am getting ready for the 24-48 hours of bed rest after the transfer of embryos. I am also planning on getting a few good books but I know to wait until right before the transfer to get those or I will read them and have nothing to read later. I will be also adding lost of yummy snacks and drinks to keep me laying down when I am on bed rest.


  1. I don't really get on Google plus much but I'm very interested in reading about your journey with surrogacy, with my fertility problems we almost went that route but luckily the intrauterine insemination worked for us please keep writing

  2. Jennifer I will keep writing through the whole process! It is nice to know that someone is actually reading what I am writing!