Thursday, December 11, 2014

16 week "Bumpdate"

     So I don't have much of a "Bump" these days. I am still sick and having a hard time eating as much as I should but I really am working on it!

     I do have a doctors appointment today so I will try to update after the appointment with what their plan is now! But depending on what they decide it might take me a bit longer to update than I would like.


     The IPs baby (AKA Belly buddy) is now the size of an Avocado! I have actually been eating a lot of avocado when ever I find some good ones in the store I grab them all! Having to try to get down good fats has been a nice excuse to eat them as they are one of my favorite foods!

     Now for what you actually clicked on the page for! here is my "bump" or lack there of... 
     Yes I know I have lost a LOT of weight and I am working on trying to gain some back. Hopefully I will be feeling better sooner than later... 

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