Tuesday, December 30, 2014

19 week update!

     So 19 weeks so far as been full of ups and downs, I still have really bad days but I am starting to have more good days then bad ones. 
     Yep little belly buddy is growing right along! I swear the fruit comparisons shock me every week, the little mango sized baby inside me love to move! I feel him/her moving inside me every single day. 

     I have to admit that feeling belly buddy move is a lot different than when I was pregnant with my own. When my girls were in my belly, I would get excited over every little kick. With belly buddy it is just a reassurance this little one is doing ok. 
     Yep I still only have a tiny little bump, and in the right outfit you can't even tell. I just can not wait for the bump to finally make its appearance! The big belly is one of my favorite things about pregnancy! 

     Tomorrow is the big 20 week ultrasound! (At 19w3d), it will be nice to get reassurance that belly buddy is growing how he/she should. And the parents are very excited to find out if their little one is a boy or girl! 

     What do you think belly buddy is going to be? A girl? A boy? 
     I would share what I think belly buddy is but to be honest I keep having dreams it is a fish... Yeah I know odd right? 

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