Monday, December 22, 2014

18 weeks!

     So we are at 18 weeks! That is the beginning of the 5th month! Oh how time has flown! 
     Belly buddy is now the size of a sweet potato! It is just crazy to me how fast this little one is growing! 

     I am also already feeling movements! When I drink cold apple juice the little one just goes crazy kicking away! 

     I am still sick but slowly getting better! I the medications are working again for the most part and I haven't had to go in and get fluids in almost a week! I am still not feeling back to normal but it is just amazing to slowly be getting back to normal! 

     I still only have a tiny belly but belly buddy is starting to show that he/she is in there! 

     Next week I have the "big" ultrasound! S&J are so excited to find out if they will be having a little girl or boy! I still have no idea I have no feeling either way. As I have told many friends and family I keep dreaming belly buddy is a fish... 

      I went from maternity pants to regular jeans (med bloat was mean) to know my jeans are getting tight in the stomach but I am just swimming in my maternity jeans. 

      I have started making sure to use LOTS and lots of lotion in my tummy but wanted to know what lotion www best for you? I want something thicker than what I am using right now. 

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