Friday, May 16, 2014


     We had a "Lazy" day today. Well at least I did, Juan got Ellie ready and took her to the bus stop so I even got to sleep in! It was AMAZING! Have I ever mentioned how much I love my husband because I really do!

     Even with our lazy day I got a few good pictures of Emma while waiting for big sister at the bus stop. This kid does not like taking pictures (well sit there in smile pictures) She will goof off for pictures with no issue. This one was my favorite of our little "shoot". I think I love this picture so much because this is how I see Emma. She always has her hair in her face and she likes it that way. She has her own style and just wants bright colors and comfy (and anything "Jaguar" print) and she is just a good kid.
     And in true Emma fashion she had to get a picture with the Flower she picked me. For some reason she holds everything in front of her face when it comes to taking pictures. But it is still a cute picture even with not being able to see most of her smile.
     Right now Emma is OBSESSED  (Yes bolded and underlined both needed) With Pregnancy and babies. Juan thinks it is because I have been talking to them about the surrogacy. I think it is because my niece was born this week and we have been talking a lot about how she is not going to be the "baby" anymore, and trying to prepare her for not being the complete center of attention.
     It is amazing to see how fast the girls are growing up. It seems like just yesterday she was my baby. I think I am going to start a monthly "update" post for each of the girls every month! Would anyone be interested in this?

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