Sunday, May 11, 2014

Making her a Mom

     This mothers day for me is like no other. Knowing that this next year I am going to have given the gift of a child to a family that has been wanting a baby so badly just makes me smile. I get asked all the time why I would want to be a surrogate. Happy tears would be a good reason.
     I want this moment. I want to see the look on the parents face when they become a parent! It is strange to think that just one year from now I will have either had this moment or will be preparing for this moment. I wrote S today and it dawned on me this will be her last mothers day not being a mom. It is the last year that she will not be able to celebrate for herself!
     I have been tearing up all day, this Mother's Day had for some reason made me very emotional and sentimental. Saturday we had brunch with my mother and father, we went through pictures and it was amazing to just get to look back at different memories and just getting to remember all the amazing times we had growing up.
     It is funny how the simplest memories like having friends over dinner, helping me with homework, and allowing me to drag her to the store to buy yet another book that stick out the most. It really is true that the little moments are the things that matter the most!
     What was your favorite memory growing up?

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