Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Water balloon fight!

     Another hot day today, I sit here writing this post with my shorts still wet from our big water balloon fight! I was the official water balloon filler so the only time I got wet was when I exploded a balloon but it may have happened a few more times than I would have liked. We got this to help us fill them up and it was a whole lot easier than turning on and on the water a million times. You just fill the bottom with water and use the top as a pump. I may have been pretty wet but this saved me from being soaked I am sure. It also has something that "Helps" you tie the balloons but I found it more of a pain than anything. I think Juan used it though. If you want one for your family we found ours at Walmart!
     Juan and Emma started out filling up the water balloons while I helped my mother in law make dinner! Emma was more than happy to help daddy fill up the water balloons! I am pretty sure Emma ended up with more water on the porch than in the actual balloons. I admit I didn't get very many pictures of the waterballoon fight because I afraid of water damage on my phone... BUT I will be getting a waterproof case in the next few days so I should be able to get more of the fun shots at the next waterballoon fight!
     Well with dinner at my Mother In Laws I am always in charge of the Guacamole and dessert! I cut up a ton of avocados wishing I would have brought my special avocado tool with me the whole time... Yes I am one of those people who have a special tool for just about everything. That seems to be a problem most of the time though because we have a TINY kitchen. When we move a bigger kitchen is a must.

    Maria (mother in law) made homemade tortillas, Salsa and Carne asada. It was AMAZING and you can see the finished Guacamole there too! YUMM. I am still so stuffed. And yes as you can tell we ate in the grass! It was cooler in the shade then it was in the house so it was the obvious choice! I am so stuffed from dinner when ever my mother in law cooks I eat way too much.
     We go over for "Wednesday night dinner" Every single week without fail. It is pretty nice to have a night off from cooking dinner one a week. and we get to spend time with family!
     We also had a non-alcoholic Sangria tonight. I still prefer the normal sangria but this is might be my substitution when I have the surro baby in my belly!
     So we are on a surrogacy site, I am sure you are wondering what is going on with the surrogacy. Well we are just doing the waiting game. Insurance should be getting back to me soon about if I am "Officially" Approved or not. We also waiting for the right time to do the testing. We will be doing the testing in June so not too much longer to wait but I have to admit I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER!
     So another non update update BUT next month we should start having a LOT more updates!

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