Thursday, May 1, 2014

One more check, checked off!

     So we have slowly been checking off everything needed for the surrogacy. Surrogacy friendly insurance is a pretty important check and we cut it pretty close checking it off the day of the insurance enrollment cut off date. We did get it done though and it is one less thing to worry about!

     I am pretty sure you are wondering why I needed another insurance policy. Well it is pretty simple my insurance has a surrogacy exclusion, so if we used my insurance for the surrogacy we could be charged with fraud and be made to pay back every penny insurance covered. That does not sound like something I want to happen so the new policy was a must.

     It seems a little strange right the surrogacy is just a pregnancy why wouldn't insurance cover it? Well if you think that you can help and sign this petition to help us get rid of surrogacy exclusions Sign here!

     What does this mean for the surrogacy? It means as soon as the insurance is active (June 1st) I can go in for my Last round of testing (well we will also have our psych evaluation too). That means that if everything goes as planned we can be starting Meds in July and transferring in August! That means a April or May baby for S+J!

     I never thought I would be excited to start giving myself shots, but I actually am! I seriously can not wait for this process to pick up and to be able to give S+J the baby they have always wanted!


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