Thursday, August 28, 2014

Counting down

     With surrogacy it seems like I am always counting down to something, 3 days till clearance appointment, 5 days until the Psychological evaluation, 4 days till start of meds, 30 days till transfer.

     Those were old countdowns as of 8/28 here is a current list of my countdowns.

  • 1 day until my last lupron shot
  • 2 days until I start progesterone
  • 8 days until transfer
  • 18 days until first pregnancy test
  • 20 days until the second pregnancy test
  • 73 days until I am done with shots
  • 274 days until due date (as long as the transfer works) 
     I sure am counting down a lot of things with surrogacy. It still seems pretty unreal that I am going to be a part of being able to give S+J a child. 

Leave a comment bellow letting me know what are you counting down to? 

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