Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meds, Meds, and more Meds...

This post is about July, I am working on getting the blog updated and you will see a lot of "past posts" as I catch up on what has happened in the surrogacy.

     One thing about surrogacy is that I will be on more medication before transfer and the first trimester of the pregnancy, than I have taken in my whole life combined. I got my first set of Medicine.

     Yes all of that Medication (and more) I will be putting into my body to get ready for S+J's Embryo. I will be giving myself 1-2 shots daily until I am 10-12 weeks pregnant. 

     Start of Medication is July 28th and we will be transferring two perfect little embryos (one girl and one boy!) on September 5th! 

What do you think will happen with the July transfer? Will one stick? Will both stick? Will they both stick and split? Or will none stick?

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