Thursday, August 21, 2014

Perfect 10 (my lining that is)

     Today I went for my lining check to make sure the meds were doing what they need to do. Good news they are doing exactly what they should!

    First I got more blood drawn (seriously we are up to 19 vials for anyone counting along at home) and yes that is Pink camo tape around my arm, BUT luckily no bruising yet! Fingers crossed!

    We got to the appointment way to early (like half a hour early) I was afraid of being stuck in traffic and made Juan come with me so here is him being bored on his phone. But at least they have Wifi?

     I got my ultrasound to find out how my lining was doing and.... 

     My lining was at a 10 (well 10.78mm to be exact) Yes I am bragging about my uterine lining, who would have ever thought I would be doing that. I have almost a perfect triple stripe and the doctor is confident that I will be where I need to be come the transfer on September 5th.

    For those who do not know they were just hoping my lining would be at a 7 so 10 almost 11 is amazing! and a triple stripe is how they know that the lining is mature and the embryo has a good chance of implanting after transfer!

What is the oddest thing you have bragged about?

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