Thursday, August 14, 2014

Psych Screening

Sorry this is another belated post from June. I will be slowly (or quickly) posting about everything that has happened that I have not blogged yet. 

     I have to admit I was nervous about the Psych screening. I think I am pretty normal but crazy people don't know that they are crazy right? What if I was really some weirdo who had Psychological problems. Yes I over think things if you haven't noticed that already.

    The husband and I got lost going up to the appointment. BUT luckily we always leave super early so we still made it to the appointment with 5 minutes to spare. He was not happy with me for getting us lost though, you would think by now he would know I am terrible with directions.


     We got to the place and saw this adorable little waiting room. It felt so homey, we were brought back to do some talking and we answered a lot of questions about why I wanted to do surrogacy, If we had a good support system, and many questions about a few difficult things that could happen during the surrogacy.

   Then I sat in front of a computer and answered some of the silliest questions. Like do I think people are trying to steal from me, If I hear voices, and other things like that. I must have passed (I didn't get a copy of the results) because we kept moving forward.

    Have you every had a Psych Screening? If yes what was the strangest  question you were asked?

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