Sunday, August 31, 2014

Progesterone is not nice.

     The Progesterone shot was not nice to me last night I woke but with a VERY sore backside and it even bruised.  I only 70 more days of these shots to go... I really hope I can get the hang of them and they are not like this all through the surrogacy. 

     A large part of it hurting so bad is I did the shot too low. I will not be making that mistake EVER again. Another side of the medication is I did not fall asleep until after 6am last night. Looks like I will be contacting the clinic to see if there is any sleeping pills that I can take. 

     Tonight I start two medications Doxycycline, I have already taken this one and learned the hard way no matter what eat before I take this pill. Doxycycline is a antibiotic, it just will make sure that I do not have any infection and will help me not get one from the embryo transfer. 

      Then I also start Medrol, I have not taken Medrol before but I have heard that it is just like Progesterone and I will not be able to sleep while on it. Medrol is a steroid that will suppress my immune function so that way my body (fingers crossed) will accept the embryos. 

Just 5 days until transfer!

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