Thursday, August 14, 2014

Extra hormones.

     The first injection I started is Lupron.

     Lupron has been known to make moms feel crazy. Me I was a big huge emotional mess who cried over everything. The first few days were really hard on me. I cried over the silliest smallest things, then would cry about crying, then cry when ever I even talked about crying.

     August first however was the hardest day for me it was my 6th day of Lupron and it was hitting me hard. So to try to make myself feel better after it stopped being to hot to go outside at all I took the kids outside to play and draw with chalk.
 With chalk drawings the first thing they always do is kick of their shoes.
Doesn't my little one have HUGE feet.

This was the star of her Elsa drawing. 
And I just did her hair 5 minutes before this... 
Her hair will not stay in place EVER.

I was starting to feel a little better and decided to leave this
just in case anyone else was having a bad day it might 
help them feel a little bit better too!

     These hormones have not been that easy on me, but I keep telling myself that it is for an amazing cause and S+J would be gladly be doing this if it meant that S could carry the baby herself. 

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